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FeiHu Pipeline Technical Equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in pipeline technology R&D and product development for special medium pipelines. Undertaking the task of isolating a section of repairs and additions without interruption of service and offering its technical services. The company is located in Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Xinyu city, Jiangxi privince the People's Republic of China,covers an area of 25 acres.It is a new, modern, professional, mechanical product-processing factory with R&D, production, marketing and engineering facilities. It has an asset value of 1000 million and has a new series of high, middle and small sized processing equipment.
The Facility houses a top management, professional and technical work force within the main power of previous national-owned weapon factory. Most of the employee are engaged in pipeline equipment R&D and have rich experience and professional qualities.Our professional technical team comprise of senior engineers of young, middle and old aged person which are benefiting from government special allowances. They were the researchers and organizer of the first pipeline equipment without interruption of service and consistency in technology, thus carrying with it the excellent reputation we have with our customers.In the past several years, our company has been making every effort to implement the “science and technology” policy in order to revitalize its business. The company constantly develops new techniques on the basis of absorbing domestic and international advanced technologies, which ensure that the engineering technology of our company maintains its advanced level in China. In 2003, the company stood out by bidding for transaction successfully at home and abroad and signed five contracts with China Nationl Offshore Oil Inc. The program and technique of tapping and plugging without interruption of service is applied in oil rigs, which allowed the company to successfully enter the field of marine petroleum pipe technical services. 
At present, our company’s main product are varied and meet all necessary standards and are able to connect the full set of equipment without interruption of service, thus offering the technical services uses for the special medium such as steel pipeline, casting pipeline and PE pipeline. The type of hot tapping machine available are manual, electric and hydraulic; plugging machine including sylinder type, suspended type (or tray type and mounted type) and ballonet type to meet the needs of the customer. Also we have the suitable components to be matched with the main equipment such as 3-way tees, pipe casting and flange completion etc. The products are applied in oil, petrochemical, gas, water and heat pipeline and network.
FeiHu Pipeline Technical Equipment Co., Ltd insists the spirit of customer, quality and up-to-date technology. We aim to supply the qualified products and services for customer at home and abroad.


Pipeline reroute project at Xi Hua village, Nanan City

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