K500A Hot tapping machine

I Application
The technique of isolating a section of p ipeline for repairs and additions without interruption of service is applied in gas network, urban gas pipe, water pipe network. The useof the product can ensure when everything is normal that branch pipe installation, substitution for  a damaged pipe,valve restoration and other tasks can be performed, which prevent the economic loss, eliminate the awful influence on manufacturing, and keeping danger away.

II Features
The technique of isolating a section of pipelinefor repairs and additions without interruption of service can solve such as pressure  reduce, removing the content inside the pipe, fire using and  other problems. It can prevent the danger at work, improve safety index and repair can be finished  quickly safely and saving money considerably at the same time.

III Application range
The technique of isolating a section of pipeline for repairs and addition without interruption of  service can be applied in spiral-welded pipe, seamless pipe, straight slot pipe. The task can be  done while the temperature in the pipe range from -20℃ to 80℃, in special situation ranging from -20℃ to ~200℃ and the pressure in the pipe less than 64bar can be kept.

Hydraulic hot tapping machine

Technical parameters:

Sizes(tapping range): 14"-32"

Boring bar diameter: 3.937"(100mm)

Max operating pressure: ≤64bar(6.4MPa)

Max travel distance: 72.8"(1850mm)

Transmission mode: hydraulic

Feed mode: manual/automatic

Feed capacity: 4/0.1mm/r

Weight: 1100kg


Measurement: 2880*850*830(mm)



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