What are the safety technical knowledge of pipeline installation and construction?

Jun 24,2019

Construction exams on pipeline installers need to master safety knowledge

Construction exams on pipeline installers need to master safety knowledge: attach importance to safety technology education and strengthen safety protection. First of all, the construction examination content attaches importance to safety technology education: (1) Before the new pipeline installation workers are employed, they must learn the safety regulations and safety technical regulations of the relevant state departments on safety production and safety construction. (2) Even if the examination is qualified, after entering the construction site, the construction site and equipment must be familiar with the master's instructions before they can work independently. (3) Workers of special public cannot work independently without special technical training or without obtaining an operation permit. (4) For collective operation, it is necessary to clearly define the division of labor before operation, and to conduct unified command, close coordination, and consistent steps during operation; it is strictly forbidden to drink before and during work, and work must concentrate and noisy. (5) For the operation of special types of work and the job site, special safety technical measures must be taken. Strengthen safety protection: safety protection of operators and safety protection of on-site personnel: (1) At the construction site, operators must wear labor protection articles; especially high-altitude workers must wear safety helmets, Wear safety belts; electric welding workers should wear masks, goggles or protective masks; electricians should wear insulated shoes; however, if they are in contact with fire, hot water or steam, they should wear protective foot covers or put on asbestos fireproof clothing; . (2) In the workplace of toxic, irritating or corrosive gases and liquids, ventilation and dust removal must be carried out as much as possible. Construction workers must wear masks or gas masks. In particular, dead corners with thin air and poor ventilation, such as pipes, containers, trenches, tunnels, etc., must be sampled and analyzed before they can pass. (3) When working in a damp and damp place such as a trench or a underground well or a metal container with water, workers must work at the same time. It is necessary to wear insulated gloves and wear insulated shoes. Safety protection of on-site personnel: (1) It is forbidden for on-site personnel to walk or stay under the hoisting objects, and it is not allowed to pass dangerous places at will. (2) On-site personnel should pay attention to the mechanical equipment in operation at all times to avoid being stabbed or stabbed by sharp objects. (3) Non-electrician personnel are strictly prohibited to tamper with the electrical switches and electrical equipment on the site of the construction site. That is to say, all machinery and equipment that are not in the scope of their own work cannot be tampered without permission. (4) It is not allowed to climb or lower by the conveyor. Before entering the construction site, the pipeline installation workers should first check whether the construction site and the surrounding environment meet the safety requirements, whether the safety measures are intact, and eliminate the hazards in time, before the construction can be carried out. The construction site is strictly prohibited to store inflammable and explosive materials at will. If the site uses fire, it must be carried out at a designated safe place.


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