What is Hot Tapping?

Nov 30,2017


Hot tapping is defined as using a drilling machine to cut a hole into an in-service, under-pressure piping system. This is done without service interruption or product leakage. Typical applications of a Hot tapping include making a branch connection, initiating a bypass and allowing performance of a Line Stop. Components required to perform a Hot tapping normally include a fitting designed to contain system pressure, a valve used to control the new connection and a drilling or tapping machine.
Hot tapping and Line Stopping/Plugging services allow our client to modify, maintain and repair pressurized systems with no interruption of production. As a recognized leader in the Hot tapping and Line Stopping/Plugging services business, FeiHu services strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction to the water and waste water, commercial building, industrial piping, process facilities, mining, power generation, paper, pulp, refining, petrochemical, liquid and gas transmission pipelines and offshore markets. Our equipment and service technicians are prepared to meet any challenge whether it be emergency, planned or routine maintenance activities of our clients. 

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